Singing Ministry of HCCS


Welcome to the Singing Ministry of HCCS Website

This is the official website of the Holy Cross College of Sasa Choir which is called the Singing Ministry. Check out the newest updates and news about the choir. And be updated on the choir performance on different masses which is held at the St. Joseph the Worker Parish.

 The singing ministry is composed of boys and girls aged between 11 - 17. Which voice range are Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Base. Commonly the girls belong to the Soprano or Alto voice. And the boys are in the Tenor or Base voice. But boys who had not pass yet puberty has a high range of voice so he belong to the Soprano voice. The choir is popular in bringing a unique and distinctive sound which their audience like.

Auditions to those who are interested in joining the choir is done during June in every school year. Each new member undergoes a one month training for their voice to be familiar in what voice range they will partake. Singing Ministry is still open for new members to join the choir. Ministry HCCS  Theme Song.mp3